A tailor-made home office should allow for your imagination to go to work as well. From shelving to fully built in furniture.

Having a home office is a rare opportunity to create exactly the type of environment that you want to work in. You can make it more productive by turning it into one of the most stimulating and organised rooms in your home with thoughtfully designed desk space and custom cabinetry.

A home office space that is functional and attractive helps with clear thinking and improved productivity, or perhaps simply makes it a nicer place to do your work. Everybody has paperwork, but the administrative burden of everyday life doesn’t have to happen in a depressing messy room. Make it a wonderful creative space, where there’s place for everything you need to get the job done and imagine the next phase into life.

Need more room in your study?

From shelving to fully built in furniture. Creating a work space with Beny's Joinery will see your study transformed into a classic or modern working area. We provide built-in solutions for your home office or study with shelves and desk designs, built-in shelf and desk construction and fitting services.

We can help with all your home office requirements by offering a range of designs and finishes to suit many budgets. We can meet you either at our showroom or your home to discuss your needs. Regardless of whether you need a small room converted, or a larger home office space for several users, we offer a range of designs and finishes to suit many budgets.

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Need more room in your study
Having your bookshelves custom made and built-in

Having your bookshelves custom made and built-in

One of my most frequently requested items would have to be custom made bookshelves. Often the request is for shelving to be built into existing alcoves, adjacent to fireplaces or hearths. In modernist homes, shelving units look wonderful suspended on a wall or made ‘flush fit’ so they look carved out of the very structure of the home itself. Our preferred finish of natural timber and timber veneers brings a warmth to modern, minimal interiors that can sometimes feel clinical.

Depending on the look you want, a bookshelf can easily become a home library or library nook – just add a ladder on wheels. Of course, there’s a bit more too it, but the effect can be wonderful. The atmosphere you achieve from creating a small library nook in your home can be transformative: an under-used room corner can become a real feature.

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